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      More than a western novel and written in the entertaining, historical docudrama style of John Jakes and James Michener, Three Forks: a Novel of Texas tells the exciting story of events preceding the settlement of North Texas and the founding of Dallas in 1842. The novel takes the reader back in time to walk among and meet the famous historical figures who helped build Texas in the 1830s and 1840s.
     Researched in many cases to the original document level, the novel not only details the history of an area once called "Three Forks," but also provides perspective on the fascinating historic events that occurred throughout the Republic of Texas and led to its subsequent acceptance as a US state.
     Three Forks, named for the confluence of the three main forks of the Trinity River, was a huge block of land in North Texas that today is larger than thirty-six individual US states in population, and nine states in geographical area. It is the home of the world's largest airport, and includes major US cities such as Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington and their rapidly growing surrounding cities.


     Despite the significance of this area, its fascinating history, spanning 1836 to 1846, is frequently overlooked. This period follows the fall of the Alamo and the Texans' victory at San Jacinto, which leads to freedom from Mexico. As a result, The Republic of Texas is formed: an entire country separate from the United States. The period ends as Texas achieves US statehood and the US goes to war with Mexico.
      Even more overlooked in this period are the conflicts between the Texas Militia in Northeast Texas and many Native American tribes. Brutal attacks by both sides result in many deaths. Terror reigns throughout North Texas settlements and Native American villages. The dispute is over Three Forks, with its beautiful forests, rolling green hills and grassy plains.


     Tom Marlin's experience and renown as an artist presents itself in his writing. Through well-crafted prose and dialogues from many cultures, he paints word landscapes and panoramas similar to those found in the works of Zane Gray. Despite the serious drama of military battles and human conflict, romance and humor permeate a revealing story that will both entertain and inform the reader. The novel also contains nine fully illustrated maps, created by the author.

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